• Rupinder Gill


One of the first things that drew my attention towards skin care was Acne. It was my second year in Med School and I couldn’t help but ignore these tiny little bumps on my face, which would hurt a lot when touched.

A couple of months passed as I ignored them, but things had just gotten worse because now I not only had acne, I had marks on my face too. So I tried to take things into my hands. I looked up online and found out that having a face wash really helps! Btw until now my skincare routine was just a soap bar for everything. So I ordered online a fancy face wash and a moisturiser for my oily face and hoped for the best.

A couple of weeks later, my acne kept on coming. I did go through a series of products and a couple of months later, I had a huge almirah full of face washes, face masks, serums, moisturisers and what not.

It was then that I decided to take some professional help. I visited a dermatologist. She started me on a salicylic acid face wash to be used twice daily. A multivitamin tablet and an oral and topical antibiotic.

2-3 weeks later, I could already start seeing the difference. In the next couple of months, my acne was gone completely. I stopped my oral antibiotic and just continued my multivitamin. Not only my skin was acne-free, the texture had changed tremendously. I stopped even having black heads. My skin was not oily anymore, it was glowing instead. I used makeup just to cover the marks and everyone in my class had noticed the drastic change.

At the end, I would say that acne is a multifactorial problem. My condition was due to being overweight, not having a good skincare regime and lack of vitamins in my diet. It was a very good experience that taught me a lot of things about my body. I could have wasted a couple more years experimenting myself, but seeking professional help did stop the damage I was doing to my skin unknowingly.

Acne does take a toll on a person, be it a boy/girl, as it appears in our adolescent years, when we are so young and under confident. It does lead to isolation, anxiety, frustration and low self esteem. It is important to know that we all do go through it at some point in our lifetime and it is just a way of our body telling us that it needs the right care.

In conclusion, to all of my friends dealing with acne:

  • Visit a dermatologist

  • Follow a skin care routine

  • Identify the triggering factors and try to eliminate them

  • Be mindful about yourself and always stay happy and confident :)

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